A Dance with Shadows

Fourth Session

Darkness Ascendant

Flight of the Silver Dragons:

“You wake to the feel of a chill air on your face, and the sinuous and smooth scales of the creature below you. As gather your barrings you notice similar shapes shining in the morning light, gliding seamlessly on the winds. The silver dragons, which you now clearly see bearing your friends in various arrangements, seem to be circling slowly downwards to the forest floor below. Even so shortly after the sundering of the Great Work there is a noticable thaw in progress, the wind on your face is cool and pleasant, ice and snow around in the nearby area seems to be in full melt.

As you draw closer to the ground you see that the dragons, led by Iskhyvear, appear to be approaching a large forest clearing. You glide softly to the ground as you hear the nearby Grayflow, recently bolstered by the thaw, rushes swiftly southwards. As you dismount you notice a familiar face flash a smile from the back of Iskhyvear, as Saradoc Silverstride gracefully makes his way to the ground. “

Aha friends! It seems the paltry aid you granted me was the smallest of your victories. Perhaps you weren’t all talk after all, and for that you have my gratitude (Saradoc bows low before popping back up and slapping the nearest on the shoulder).

During the explosion of the potent Imaskari Artifact, the adventurers are infused with magical energy of the crystal, and are subject to a magical curse that cannot be cured by conventional means. With the curse comes a feeling of strange upwelling from each of the characters, though what is truly disconcerting is the lack of shadow cast by the adventurers. Those versed in the arcane can sense a faint magical aura emanating from them as well, darkness acting as beacon in the light.

Iskhyvear explains the history of Frore, why she was there, the artifact, how it was misused and how she was captured. She then inspects the adventurers and learns the truth of their curse. She explains the nature and origin of the curse to the party, and the danger they are now in. Bathed in shadow magic, the adventurers shine like beacons to those versed in the dark arts. Those who crafted the foul magic tainting the artifact must surely sense this new disturbance, but even more concerning still is the identity of the necromancer that was slain at in the Sanctum of the Stars. The woman that merged her very being with The Great Work to become the Winter’s Herald was none other than the daughter of the The Most High, Brennus the Shade Princss. Iskhyvear then reveals the identity of the face seen in the crystal to be that of Rivalen Tanthul, Brennus’ brother and High Priest of Shar in all of Faerun. It seem as if the party has drawn the attention of truly powerful foes.

Saradoc’s ability to survive the chill and his presence is explained, as he is revealed as the son of Iskhyvear and her Eladrin lover who perished long ago in battle with the original Netherese Empire prior to its fall. It can be inferred that perhaps this is the reason Iskhyvear feels so behold to Frore and the Eladrin within.

With Iskhyvears blessing, the party is given a magical amulet that holds the magically animated doorkeeper Geldite in order to aid them in their journey to rid themselves of the curse as well as to keep in touch with the great silver in time of need. While Iskhyvear must return to Frore to help restore the once great city, she sends Saradoc with the adventurers to help guild them on their way.

Geldite Amulet +1

Return to Loudwater:

“As you return to Loudwater you notice the melting ice has formed puddles of water in and around the village. As you trudge through the mud seem to catch attention of nearly all of the townsfolk, who peak out of windows and storefronts to catch a look at the travellers. You don’t make it far into the town before you are greeted by Lady Moonfire, her face shining at you as she rushes to meet you. She explains how they saw a light in the mountains, and the clouds surrounding the Star Mounts began to recede almost immediately, the snows around Loudwater ending abruptly. Ever since that point, the snow has been steadily thawing, leaving the town wet and the river overflowing. As the excitable Lady Moonfire continues to launch a steady stream of thanks and at the party, you notice the townsfolk seem to have congregated around the group, looking you over intently.”

Lady Moonfire offers the reward as promised, and free lodgings at teh Green Tankard Taverns. She mentions the museum will be closed for the day so you can choose your reward from the towns notable items on display.

Player’s spend the day in Loudwater, enjoying a steep discount at the towns various shops and socializing with locals. Some of whom seem eternally grateful, while others have become increasingly wary of the travelers presence.

Curuvar has beckoned the adventurers to his tower. He wishes to thank them in person, he mentions the foul aura that surrounds them, and the strange sense of impending doom. Magic he says

Piecemeal Scale Armor +1
Runic Leather Armor +1
Shimmering Robes +1
Shadowdance Leather Armor +1
Onyx Wolf
Flute of the Dancing Satyr

Shadow Spire:

“As party deliberates, earth beneath them shaking violent, flashes of magical energy pour in through the windows the inn and the air is rent by screams and a series of thundering explosions. A violent exploion knocks you from your feet, accompanied by a deafening eruption. As you look out the window you see shadowy forms stalking the streets, and terrified villagers running for their lives. You see a few villagers attempt to mobilize against the shadowy figures, but dark shape swoop down from the rooftops above, surrounding the unsuspecting townsfolk. You notice a massive dark shape that blots out the very stars the selves floating over the center of the town. As you continue to look, you realize this mass of darkness is actually an immense shadowy spire. From the looks of the ruined earth and buildings at it’s base, it appears to have erupted from the ground itself.”

Thagdal, Shade Lieutenant
Level 3, 750 xp

Kir-Lanan Sweeper
level 4, 175 xp

Kir-Lanan Darklasher
level 4, 175 xp

1400 XP Encounter

that appeared after the deaths of a few evil gods during the Time of Troubles. They now serve Shar.

Kir-Lanan Lore:
A character knows the following information with a successful skill check.

Arcana DC 15:
Kir-lanans live in communities they call rookeries. Since Shar often requires them to work with her other devotees, however, kir-lanans can be found in Sharran enclaves across Faerûn.

Arcana DC 20:
Kir-lanans have a caste-based culture. Members of the lowest caste are called wings. Elite wings, called eyes, have powers that enable them to serve as spies and killers. Through the highest caste, called voices, kir-lanans learn Shar’s will.

Religion DC 20:
When they first appeared, kirlanans were outside divine influence and hated all deities. However, they formed temporary alliances with the servants of wicked divinities, mainly Shar. Many kir-lanans liked Shar’s doctrine of ultimate dissolution. Over time, the race fell under Shar’s sway.



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