A Dance with Shadows

Second Session

The Lost City of Frore

Antechamber of Frore:

The party stumbles accross an Altar of Corellon, after giving donations and showing deference at the altar, they proceed down the western corridor.


Ganathil Ilthalas – Spectral Archivist

Quest: Ganathil’s Lost Tomes
Someone neglected to return a book borrowed form the library, the Archivist is deeply troubled by this matter and has asked you to retrieve it from the Living Quarters for him. He has offered you an ancient codex as a reward.
Rewards: Final Sleep Ki Focus +1, Book of Last Sight Vision, Scroll of Magic Map

Tome of Frore
Map of Frore

Hand of Fate
Mordenkainen’s Acent
Arcane Lock

Temple of Corellon:

Saradoc Silverstride – High Priest of Corellon

Quest: Save Saradoc!
Saradoc is assailed by Chillborn Spirits and requests your assistance.
Reward: Amulet of Corellon +1, Amulet of Corellon + 1, Bracers of Respite

“What’s this? You don’t look to be so frigid as my other guests here, on the off chance that find their intrusion as rude as I do, I would… appreciate… a hand here.”

Chillborn Spirit x 4, 200 xp each

800 xp
Residuum – 100 GP
Residuum – 100 GP


“Gates of ice slam shut over the door behind as well as the two visible exits. A frigid gust of wind blows through the corridor as you see the statues in the alcoves begin to stir.”

Living Quarters:

Of Magical Creatures Most Foul, Volume II – Quest Item
Omnibus of the Feywild – Quest Item
Boots of Charging – Equippable
Fine Silver Mirror – 75 GP, A mirror made of reflective, polished electrum, set in a silver frame. The back panel of the mirror has a design of a smiling, female fey face.
Ornate Golden Bowl – 100 GP, A large bowl in good condition, made of hammered gold, worked in a design of leaping dragons fighting warriors armed with spears.
Pearl Comb – 50 GP, A fine comb with a pearl handle, engraved with intricate leaves among which dryads can be seen.
Golden Quill Case – 100 GP, A quill pen case made of gold, held shut by a clasp. Carved into the case is a scene of a scribe writing in a tome, sitting on a stool amid stacks of parchment; the symbol of Deneir is engraved on the opposite side.


Doors covered in a thick layer of ice. Party must break through in order to gain access.

“You see a serene garden, the plants encased in a thin layer of ice they glisten in the starlight. You soon notice that the room is lit entirely by natural light, and as your gaze is drawn upwards you are greeted by an shimmering crystal dome, open to the night sky. Stars twinkle above, their light amplified by the dome, shedding a fine light on the frozen garden below. The trees grow here as if a section of the forest was placed in the room. Marble benches sit among the foliage, and in the center of the room you notice an ornate fountain, its water frozen in place sparkling in the light of the star. On the far side of the fountain, amid a copse of tress you see a small frozen dais. As you draw closer, you notice six crystal phials sit on the dais, each a different vibrant color.”

Bag of Holding

Court of the Moon:

Frozen Eladrin x4, 25 xp each, 200
Ice Warrior Piercer x2, 125 xp each, 250
Ice Warrior Reaver x2, 125 xp each, 250
Ice Warrior Frost Lord x1, 200 xp each, 300

1000 xp
Frost Hide Armor + 1
Residuum – 100 GP
Residuum – 100 GP



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