A Dance with Shadows

Third Session

The Sundering of Frore

Entry to the Tower:

Geldite is on the door to the towers, he congratulates the adventurers on their progress and warns them of the perils ahead of them: specifically the foul witch that manipulates the Imaskari artifact at the top of the Sanctum of the Stars. The cold is emanating from the artifact, which was discovered by powerful Eladrin wizards long ago due to its magical potency. The artifact had been constructed at the convergence of power ley-lines by the Imaskari empire, but was used as the keystone of the City of Frore.

Geldite also mentions that the city’s usual guardian, Iskhyysvear the Silver Dragon, is strangely absent. Something foul must have befallen the benevolent silver despite her immense power, what could have kept her from the fight?


As you enter the rookery you are struck by the towering, magnificent form of a silver dragon. The silver remains motionless, frozen in mid-roar. Appearing as if a statue smelted from pure silver ore, this must have been the benevolent wyrm you heard about previously. The silver sits on the opposite side of the tower, resting on a pile of gleaming treasure. The rest of the room is filled with small alcoves and ledges, upon some of which rest smaller silver dragons, that remain motionless much like their larger counterpart. Above you, part of the dome is left exposed to the night sky, snowflakes drifting through it slowly to the tower floor.

From the shadows of an alcoves to your left, you see a brief flash of movement as what appears to be an ivory tail whips around the corner. Moments later, you year a voice echo among the walls of the tower. “And who is this that enters my sanctum, who dares challenge the Great Wyrm of the Star Mounts? Puny vermin, you’ve stumbled into the maw of the beast. If Iskhysvear was no match for me, what makes you think your attempts will fair any better? OUT WITH IT! What brings you to the lair of Szartharrax!?”

White Kobold Devotee x2

900 xp
Flask of Dragon Breath
Cincture of the Dragon Spirit

Iskhysvear – Silver Dragon Matriarch


As you enter this high-domed tower you are immediately struck by the gleaming silver instruments that fill the room. The floor is adorned with finely engraved astronomical charts inlaid with fine glowing gems. Floating above the various instruments, you luminous orbs rotating slowly, shimmering in a thin layer of ice. You recognize the crystalline spheres as a map of the planes. Eladrin sit around the room frozen in place,

In the center of the room is a large wooden table cluttered with parchment and quills. One particular sheaf of parchment seems to be hastily written, it mentions Brennus, a female necromancer who somehow incapacitated the Eladrin in the observatory, heading up towards the Sanctum of the Stars,

High Tower – Sanctum of the Stars:

This high ceilinged tower has a beautiful crystal dome open to the starlight. The room is covered in a thick layer of ice and frost, causing your breath to fog. It seems as if the tower has recently been the site of a tumultuous event, parts of the masonry seem to have crumbled and large gaps can be seen in the stone, open to the frigid winds of the Star Mounts.

Winter’s Herald
The Great Work

1100 xp
Crystal Orb

As you strike the final blow, the crystal seems to resonate with increased frequency. A rising pitch fills your ears and you are soon brought to your knees from its ringing. Just when you feel as if you can no longer bear the whine of the crystal, hairline fractures begin to skitter accross its surface like a spiderweb. The moment of brief silence is broken by the explosion of light and crystal as the air around you is filled with shards bathed in magical brilliance. The explosion hurls you backwards and are forced to shield your eyes against the light. As you come to your senses you are greeted by the sight of the sundered Great Work and the frigid wind of the Star Mounts.

You catch a flash of movement from among the shards of the Great Work. As you draw closer, you see a small fragment of the crystal reflects a cavernous room back at you that is much different than the tower in which you now stand. A gaunt, pallid face appears in the crystal and stares back at you. His sunken eyes seem a black void, and the image of a seemingly stoic face is broken by a sneer and curled lip. A hollow voice resonates from the figure as seems to mock you: “And who is this that comes to our sanctum and dares to. Well, the best laid plans eh?



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