Vetal (Vetalapancavinsatika)
Race: Shadar-Kai Revenant
Class: Assassin
Guild Training: Bleak Disciple
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Raven Queen
Background: Netheril, Heretic, Occupation – Military, Ennui, Pivotal Event – You Die, Raised (+2 to Stealth)
Heritage: Slave to Netherese


Str 8
Con 18
Dex 18
Int 10
Wis 12
Cha 12

AC: 16
Fort: 15
Reflex: 14
Will: 12
HP: 28
Surges: 10
Surge Value: 7

Stealth +11z
Endurance +11
Streetwise +6
Thievery +9
Acrobatics +9

Arcana +0
Bluff +1
Diplomacy +1
Dungeoneering +1
Heal +1
History +0
Insight +1
Intimidate +3
Nature +1
Perception +1
Religion +0
Athletics -1

Level 1: Assassin’s Escape

Assassin at-will 1: Executioner’s Noose
Assassin at-will 1: Shadow Storm
Assassin encounter 1: Shadow Darts
Assassin daily 1: Targeted for Death

Yatagan (Turkish)
Camouflaged Clothing
Climber’s Kit
Adventurer’s Kit
Leather Armor
Raven Tattoos


Everything that Vetal remembers of his former life in the Shadowfell is written on his body. Anything else he knows is stolen from snatches of dreams, or was given to him (a euphemistic term) by his Netherese masters in the city of Oreme in the Northeast. His name was given to him by the man who sold him, and he’s learned that it means “spirit that inhabits a corpses.”

He was given a large silver septum ring when he was appointed a guard-assassin in the service of an ascending boy-king, whose name and alignment he can’t remember, save that he believed in this boy very much.

He was a devotee of the Raven Queen even in life, and has her black raven mark tattooed to cover his arms and torso. He remembers that he loved the Raven Queen, and that he struck a deal with her, when he died. What it was, as usual, escapes him. But he remembers her eyes, and sees her in his dreams, during the few hours that he sleeps. Vetal owes her, and once he fulfills the deal, he will die again. As a slave in Netheril, this idea never bothered him, only his slow progress at accomplishing anything at all.

In his term in Netheril, Vetal went bare-chested, as the lowest, dust-ridden classes do, and was kicked and hissed away for his Raven Marks. He came to remember who Shar was, and that he hated her.

The city of Oreme was beautiful though, and jogged none of his memories, so he knows he never experienced a glimmer of its like before. Its tall spires predate Netheril itself, and though this new beauty made Vetal calmer, he endured increasing despair as he sensed the ancient lore embedded in the stones, but could access none of it.

One day an errand took him to the Northern edge of the city, and Vetal chanced to gaze down into the Deep Maw, and into the edges of the Underdark. He remembered how to hide, and steal, and fade into almost nothing. On his way back through the Bazaar, he heard a woman mention the Fountains of Memory, somewhere in the Lost Peaks to the North of the Star Mounts. The evening Vetal slipped poison into his master’s hip flask while his master was having a conversation with a visitor, and that night he escaped in a trading Caravan headed for Loudwater.

Vetal is very, very thin, and not very tall for a male. He does not visibly breathe, or blink, and though people tend not to notice these specifically, they know something is wrong. So Vetal wears dark clothes and a cowl in order to avoid attracting attention, though he can remove them, which produces an unsettling effect. The small notice he pays to changes in light or temperature is something he often forgets to hide. He doesn’t much care for piety, save to the Raven Queen, who demands none. Gods make him curious, however, as they each seem to be powerful potential allies.


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