Ganathil Ilthalas

Spectral Archivist


Worrisome and timid, this figure flits about Frore’s library paying little heed to visitors. Formerly the head librarian of Frore who passed long ago, his insatiable desire to keep the many tomes and indexes in order has caused his spirit to linger.

As an unfortunate side effect of his persistence he is bound to the library, unable to leave its walls. This can often cause problems when the libraries tomes are borrowed and taken off site, much to the chagrin of those who call Frore their home. Ganathil can often be seen reprimanding unfortunate visitors who fail to return the books to their proper places.

Ganathil is clad in tattered, oversized robes. He seems to always bear the same worried expression as he hurriedly bustles about the library muttering to himself.

Ganathil Ilthalas

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