Silver Dragon Matriarch


Iskhysvear is an ancient silver, she is matriarch of her brood and mother to many young silvers that have long since left the Rookery. While Iskhysvear could have an impressive lair of her own, she chooses to nest in Frore among the Eladrin.

According to the Eladrin this has been the arrangement since the construction of the city. This situation is a welcomed, as the townsfolk see Iskhysvear as a good omen, benevolent guardian, and sagely adviser to the city. Until recently, Frore flourished under her watchful gaze.

Iskhysvear is know to take on a humanoid form on occasion, that of an lithe and elegant Eladrin with piercing onyx eyes and lustrous silver hair. As she strides the corridors, inhabitants are sure to give her a wide bredth.

In her true form, Iskhysvear stands 30 feet tall. Two backswept horns and a large crest adorn her sagely head. From a distance her exceptionally fine scales seem to blend together, appearing as a shimmering silver liquid coating. When near, you catch a faint scent reminiscent of rain and evergreen needles.


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