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Living Forgotten Realms

Welcome to a world where adventurers delve into the depths to win great treasures of old, heroes stave off the insidious plots of shadowborn fiends, undead necromancers vie for absolute mastery of life, and voracious dragons hunt. Welcome to a land whose magic-soaked bedrock has spawned millennia of eye-popping wonders and heart-stopping threats. Here lies great adventure for those who dare much. Intrepid wizards defy warnings scribed in the crumbling stone of ancient barrows. Criminals skulk in the alleys of noble and ignoble cities alike. Priests rally the faithful, calling on divine beneficence to aid companions. Warlocks vie for mastery over ancient pacts whose origins are better left concealed. Warriors swear allegiances of defense against legions of enemies too foul to face the light of day. But here too, evil plots in the darkness, eager to expand its reach from dripping dungeons, endless caverns, ruined cities, and the vast wild places of the world. Away from the main roads and the great cities, the countryside is wild and fearsome, hiding roaming gangs of vicious goblins, spying shades from reborn Netheril, and outriders of necromantic Thay, as well as deadly remnants of magical plague. The world is a place of fey beauty and primeval malice. It is your land to shape, to guide, to defend, to conquer, or to rule. Welcome to the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign setting. Heroes needed.

The World

Toril is the world that hosts the storied continent of Faerûn. Bitter winds sweep the steppes of the Endless Wastes, storm waves crash against the cliffs of the Sword Coast, and in between stretches a vast land of shining kingdoms and primal wilderness. The mysteries, secrets, and stories of Faerûn are virtually limitless. Abeir is the realm forgotten. A twin to Toril and once joined with it, Abeir went its own way at the dawn of the world. Where gods and their servants oversee Faerûn, the lords of Abeir were towering primordials and elder wyrms, and savagery ruled with them. Now, after long epochs of separation, Abeir has joined with Toril once again, in a return both violent and unlooked-for.

The Spellplague

The Spellplauge and its aftermath have left Toril sundered and reeling.

In the Year of Blue Fire (1385 DR), a magical disaster called the Spellplague changed the face of Toril, its lost sibling Abeir, and even the planes themselves. Flesh, stone, magic, space, and even the flow of time were infected and changed. The Spellplague was the direct result of the murder of the goddess Mystra at the hands of Cyric, which Shar engineered. Magic was bound so long in Mystra’s Weave that, when the goddess died, it spontaneously and ruinously burst its bonds. Areas of wild magic, already outside the constraints of the Weave, touched off first, but the plague raged on and on in ever-widening spirals, devastating some places and leaving others untouched. It even tore through the realms of demons, gods, and lost souls before the end. Ancient realms that had passed beyond easy reach of the world were pulled back, such as the Feywild (called Faerie in ancient days). The Abyss, home of demons, fell through the planes, unleashing swarming evil before finding its new home at the bottom of the Elemental Chaos. Even the long-forgotten sibling world Abeir burned in the plague of magic, despite having been cut off from Toril for millennia. Portions of Abeir’s landscape were transposed with areas of Toril in the disaster. Such landscapes included their living populations, bringing realms such as Akanûl and Tymanther to Faerûn’s face. Across the Trackless Sea, an entire continent of the lost world reappeared. The Spellplague was a potent agent of change, setting off a series of catastrophes.

The Weave

For eons, magic in Toril was focused through the Weave, controlled by the goddess Mystra. Although Netherese wizards of ancient days learned the truth, most people believed that magic would not be possible without the deity’s existence. However, the death of Mystra gave the lie to that belief. Now the term “Weave” is just another name for magic, if it is used at all.

The Shadow Weave

Just as Mystra controlled the Weave, the goddess Shar created and maintained the Shadow Weave as an alternative conduit to magic. Not satisfied with her portion, Shar plotted to seize control of both following Mystra’s murder. She miscalculated. The Weave collapsed so completely that Shar failed to gather up its fraying threads.

The Gray Vale

Beneath the mysterious Star Mounts, at the southern edge of the ancient High Forest, the Gray Vale straddles the river Delimbiyr in the North. A prosperous region thanks to river traffic, merchant caravans from distant lands, and other travelers looking for treasure amid the wreckage of lost kingdoms, Gray Vale is a land ripe for adventure.

Unlike other areas of the North, the people of Gray Vale are decidedly mixed, blending cultures from all over the region. But humanity has a slight edge, and most humans have fair skin, hair that ranges from blond to light brown, and the full range of eye colors (though hazel is dominant). A proud people, they are self-reliant, tough, and grizzled, accustomed to the hardships that press against them. Most folks are farmers, though plenty of miners try their hand at coaxing more out of the old mines of the Graypeaks. Half-elves comprise another large group of the Gray Vale population. Like the humans of this area, the half-elves have fair skin and light hair. Although most retain signs of their elven heritage, years of human and half-elf marriages have diminished these traits until most half-elves could pass for human. In addition, one can find a number of dwarves, drawn to Gray Vale to reclaim their lost holds. Halfling fisherfolk work the river, living alongside their human allies. The region even has a smattering of eladrin and elves, though most members of those races encountered in the Vale hail from the High Forest to the north.


Gray Vale has grown into a trade center in the North in large part due to the success of Loudwater. This small town has an advantageous location at the confluence of the Delimbiyr and Grayflow rivers. Rich and arable farmland enables the community to thrive. Most merchants in the vicinity use the river to transport goods, making Loudwater an ideal nexus for nearly all commerce in this part of the world.

Easily the largest settlement in Gray Vale, Loudwater is encircled by a wall of timber and stone more than 20 feet high. The fortifications and the determined but personable people living here make Loudwater an attractive stop for travelers of all kinds.

The Star Mounts

This ancient range of mountains marks the southern boundary of the High Forest and takes its name from the queer lights that shine from its heights. Legends claim that these mysterious mountains are home to magical creatures. Perhaps the most unusual story is that in the upper reaches, great crystal towers grow out of the rock. It is uncertain just who or what lives inside these towers (if they even exist), because clouds blanket the peaks year round and few have the courage to ascend the heights.

The earliest recorded names for these mountains have been attributed to the elves of Earlann, who named them for the stars in the northern heavens. Bard’s Hill, Mount Vision and Hunterhorn today only possess the rough translation of their elven names, but Far Peak, Mount Journey and Shadowpeak are still sometimes known by their original names, respectively Y’tellarian (The Far Star), Y’landrothiel (Traveller’s Star) and N’landroshien (Darkness in Light). It is said by some that these names hint at some mystery which lies within the range.

Lost City of Frore

The Lost City of Frore, nestled in the peaks of the Star Mounts on the peak of N’landroshien (Darkness in Light). Crafted by the Eladrin at the convergence of powerful magical leylines, the city was lost to the Feywild many years ago. The city has reemerged since The Spellplague, it’s latent magical power attracting unwanted visitors.


The ancient empire of Netheril has been restored. The Twelve Princes of Shade rule from their capital city, Shade Enclave, in a land newly reclaimed from the Anauroch Desert. Netheril is once again a major player and a threat to all the northern realm.

Classes of the Realms:

  • Leader – Bard
  • Striker – Warlock
  • Striker – Sorcerer
  • Defender – Swordmage
  • Controller – Wizard
  • Leader – Cleric
  • Leader – Runepriest
  • Striker – Avenger (known as Crusader)
  • Defender – Paladin
  • Controller – Invoker (known as Priest)
  • Leader – Warlord (known as Marshal)
  • Striker – Ranger
  • Striker – Rogue
  • Defender – Fighter
  • Leader – Shaman
  • Striker – Barbarian
  • Defender – Warden
  • Controller – Druid
  • Controller – Seeker
  • Leader – Ardent
  • Striker – Monk
  • Defender – Battlemind
  • Controller – Psion
  • Striker – Assassin

People of the Realms:

(Housrule, +2 to two of the listed stats for each race.)

  • Human – +2 any OR +1 any and +1 any
  • Half-Elf – Cha, Con, Dex
  • Halfling – Cha, Dex, Wis
  • Dwarf – Con, Wis, Str
  • Eladrin – Dex, Int, Wis
  • Elf – Dex, Wis, Cha
  • Tiefling – Cha, Int, Con
  • Dragonborn – Str, Cha, Con
  • Deva – Wis, Int, Cha
  • Gnome – Int, Dex, Cha
  • Goliath – Str, Con, Wis
  • Half-Orc – Str, Dex, Wis
  • Shifter – Str, Dex, Wis
  • Githyanki – Int, Con, Dex
  • Githerzai – Wis, Dex, Int
  • Minotaur – Str, Con, Wis
  • Shardmind – Int, Wis, Cha
  • Wilden – Wis, Dex, Con
  • Drow – Dex, Int, Cha
  • Genasi – Str, Int, Con
  • Changeling – Cha, Dex, Int
  • Revenant – Con, Dex, Int
  • Shadar-Kai – Con, Dex, Int

Heritage, Hailing from the Realms:

  • Loudwater Local
  • Underdark Slave
  • Netheril Exile
  • Shadar-Kai Slave
  • Akanûl Outcast
  • Neverwinter Refugee
  • Candlekeep Scholar
  • Baldur’s Gate Profiteer
  • Amnish Trader
  • Calimport Crimelord
  • Evermeet Noble
  • Icewind Dale Frontiersman
  • Waterdeep Socialite
  • Cormyr Military
  • Silverymoon Guard

Deities of the Realms:

(Name: Alignment, Gender, Sphere, Dominion, Priests, Adjective)

Greater Gods:
  • Amaunator: Lawful Good, Male, Sun, Eternal Sun, Sunlords, Amaunatori
  • Asmodeus: Evil, Male, Sin, Nine Hells, Mordai, Asmodean
  • Bane: Evil, Male, Tyranny, Banehold, Dreadmasters, Banite
  • Chauntea: Lawful Good, Female, Life, Green Fields, Druids, Chauntean
  • Corellon: Good, Male, Fey, Arvandor, Feywardens, Corellite
  • Cyric: Chaotic Evil, Male, Strife, Supreme Throne, Strifeleaders, Cyricist
  • Ghaunadaur: Chaotic Evil, Male, Abominations, Dismal Caverns, Amorphites, Ghaunadauran
  • Gruumsh: Chaotic Evil, Male, Savagery, Nishrek, Shamans, Gruuman
  • Kelemvor: Unaligned, Male, Decay, Fugue Plane, Doomguides, Kelemvorite
  • Lolth: Chaotic Evil, Female, Drow, Demonweb Pits, Arachne, Lolthite
  • Moradin: Lawful Good, Male, Dwarves, Dwarfhome, Sonnlinor, Moradite
  • Oghma: Unaligned, Male, Knowledge, House of Knowledge, Lorekeepers, Oghmanyte
  • Selûne: Good, Female, Moon, Gates of the Moon, Silverstars, Selûnite
  • Shar: Evil, Female, Shadows, Towers of Night, Nightcloaks, Sharran
  • Silvanus: Unaligned, Male, Nature, Deep Wilds, Druids, Silvanites
  • Sune: Good, Female, Beauty, Gates of the Moon, Heartwarders, Sunite
  • Tempus: Unaligned, Male, War, Warrior’s Rest, Battleguards, Tempuran
  • The Raven Queen: Unaligned, Female, Death, Fugue Plane, Deathstriders, Ravenite
  • Torm: Lawful Good, Male, Law, Celestia, Holy Champions, Tormish

  • Akadi: Unaligned, Female, Air, Sky Home, Airwalkers, Akadian
  • Bazim-Gorag: Chaotic Evil, Male, Chaos, Pandemonium Stone, Lords of Change, Bazimite
  • Grumbar: Unaligned, Male, Earth, Root Hold Earthwalkers, Grumbarryn
  • Istishia: Unaligned, Male, Water, Cresting Spires, Waterwalkers, Istishian
  • Kossuth: Unaligned, Male, Fire, Undying Pyre, Firewalkers, Kossuthan

Archdevils of the Nine Hells:
  • Bel: Evil, Male, First Circle, Cultists, Bellic
  • Dispater: Evil, Male, Second Circle, Cultists, Dispatian
  • Mammon: Evil, Male, Third Circle, Cultists, Mammonian
  • Belial: Evil, Male, Fourth Circle, Cultists, Bellian
  • Levistus: Evil, Male, Fifth Circle, Cultists, Levistan
  • Glasya: Evil, Female, Sixth Circle, Cultists, Glasyan
  • Baalzebul: Evil, Male, Seventh Circle, Cultists, Baalzebaan
  • Mephistopheles: Evil, Male, Eighth Circle, Cultists, Mephistophelean

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